Ingredients (for 1 packet)

Italian style roast coffee (Coffea arabica L.)  (2029,6 mg)
Green coffee bean extract (Coffea robusta) (400mg)
Garcinia cambogia fruit extract (200mg)
White kidney bean extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) (100mg)
Green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis)  (100mg)
Coffee flavouring
Chili pepper fruit extract (Capsicum annuum)(50mg)
Caffeine (10mg)
Ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng)(10mg)
Chromium (as chromium picolinate) (48µg – 120% of nutrient reference values)

Garcinia Cambogia:
Helps to control body weight, reduce sense of hunger and appetite for goodies.
Also helps to keep normal sugar and fat levels in the blood.

Green Tea Leaf Extract:

Contributes to the management of weight control.
The caffeine from the green tea will provide you with natural energy

Helps to increase alertness.
Helps to improve concentration.

Phaesolus Vulgaris:
White Kidney Bean extract is a carbohydrate blocker that works by inhibiting the digestion of starches.Contributes to the management of weight control

Capsicum Annuum:
 Chili pepper fruit extract that contributes to the management of weight control.

Coffea Arabica:
This coffee is beautifully fragrant, sweet and round, with a slight and pleasant acidity, with just a mild hint of bitterness.
Contributes to the management of weight loss.